Gordon-Benett -Race  1900 – 1905

In the beginning of the 20th century the annual Gordon Bennett race were the first series in the classic motorsport events. ... more Coming soon

The Kaiser Race 1907

In June 1907 the Kaiser's Prize Race replaced the Gordon Bennett race. The circuit was already well-known in the Taunus region and close to the Kaiser's summer residence It was the second and last international automobile race in Germany before World War I. ...more Coming soon

The Herkomer-Competition 1905 – 1907

In 1905 the famous painter Professor Hubert von Herkomer, member of the Bavarian Automobile Club, donated a trophy with the aim to open up car racing to a bigger circle of enthusiasts.... more Coming soon

The Prince Henry Rallies 1908 – 1910

The Prince henry rallies succeeded in 1908 the Herkomer competitions. ... more Coming soon