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History / Manufacture / Design
From coach to passenger car

This book covers the history of car manufacturing from the antiques to today's varieties of body work. It covers production methods of carriage boxes and car bodies in Europe and the USA, paint techniques and body building materials, self-supporting bodies, design and aerodynamics. In addition, there are 120 individual descriptions of body shop companies as well as a glossary and carriage and body shop labels.

The content

  • Function and design of the automobile
  • Car manufacturing before and during industrialization
  • From a coach-box to the car body
  • Participation in decision-making of car and body
  • Car and body art in transition
  • Pontoon, plastic body work, mass motorization
  • Specialization, materials, globalization
  • Draft, shaping, design
  • Descriptions of selected cars and body building companies
  • Appendix

The target groups

  • Engineers and technicians in the fields of vehicle history and classic cars
  • Restoration operations with vintage and repair tasks
  • Suppliers who are responsible for the restoration of classic cars and young timers
  • Car and technique history enthusiasts
  • Vintage and young timer fans

The publisher

  • Dipl. -Ing. Erik Eckermann has completed a course of study at the Engineering School of Automotive Engineering after successfully completed his apprenticeship. He worked as a curator at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, and is now a free-lancer.

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