Dear club members,
Dear friends of Kaiserlicher Automobil-Club

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It is a great pleasure to see the traditions of Kaiserlicher Automobil-Club being revived at long last. Cultivating tradition in the company of others, socialising at exclusive events and partnering with high-calibre companies: all of these are hallmarks of the K.A.C. When the K.A.C. was newly formed in 2012 the club continued the proud traditions of its predecessor. An appreciation of the automobile as part of our cultural heritage and major feats of past engineering is equally central to the club’s purpose as its recognition of present-day innovation.

Just as it was in the past, membership in the club, today, is both an honour and a privilege: a club comprised of connoisseurs, enthusiasts and people who cherish tradition.

I hope you will enjoy exploring this website, as there is much to be discovered: the history of the past century, upcoming events and detailed information about Kaiserlicher Automobil-Club.

Yours faithfully

Albrecht Prinz von Hohenzollern